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1. I respond within MINUTES. (Unless I’m caught up at a wedding) To which I will still respond ASAP! Like I’m literally probably emailing you RN. Lol.

2. We talk, get the deets, I send GIFs, and we get a feel for one another… Either FaceTime, phone call or on email. Whichever works for you my friend.

3. We hit it off like Michael & Holly (don’t worry, I’ll hold off on the mix tapes until later), get a contract signed all online and have me booked and your date secured with only a $1000 retainer. Super easy, right?!

4. We do engagements (if you opted for them) and have some fun! I keep tabs with you and we come up with a killer timeline for optimal photos by a few weeks out.

5. Wedding day arrives. BOOM. We have a blast, catch those unforgettable moments and you get awesome photos to match.

Sound good? SWEET.


If you haven’t already, read my FAQ page here for any random questions you might have!

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