Hey guys...

What's up?! 

Aside from a photographer I'm a wife, a mama to 4 babies (The Lord did say to multiply right?! Haha!), and lover of Jesus. To say I know how to juggle a lot is an understatement! That is quite literally my job! 

Good news is, I've got it down. I'm quiet, quick and loud when I need to be. I know what helps you on the big day and you can trust I'll be 100% honest about it. Scouts honor!

To say I love what I do would be the understatement of the year. I am so freaking blessed to call my PASSION my job. It rocks my socks that I get to tell stories for a living! 

Random Facts about me:

- I LOVE movie nights. I am a legit Netflix in bed/ice cream date type of girl. No frills for this girl. 

- I'm a "little" nerdy... Love me some LOTR, Harry Potter, and Disney.... Because well, PIRATES! Currently on a Lord of the Rings kick because Gimli makes me chuckle.  

- The most "basic" things I love are: Chick-fil-a, Pumpkin everything, and Target. I swear that's it! HAHA. 

- I'm what you'd probably call a little "hipster-ish". I thoroughly enjoy thrifting/flea market trips, anything outdoors = heaven (Yo, let's go on an adventure ASAP), and really awesome coffee from hole-in-the-wall joints. Lavender lattes are the bees knees. But not so snooty I won't drink dunkin! ;) No shame though, Mmmk?!

- I am an avid music lover (and pride myself in this!) and usually involved in church in that aspect. I sing mostly but also dabble with guitar and piano. I actually went to school for music business (even graduated with my bachelors) and chose this life instead! But.... NO RAGRETS.

- OH. And memes/gifs give me life. SO SEND ME MEMES!! 


You should know I like food but it's not just for me... Proof! I swear they eat more than my husband and I combined! They're pretty cute though right?! #WORTHIT

You help fund, "Feed the Mercer Children Foundation" when you book me. ;)


Elsi - The Flower Princess


Emmi - The Feisty Snuggler


Benj - The Bottomless Pit


Evelyn - The Paci Lover