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Frequently Asked Questions

1. You say you shoot Hybrid, what does that mean?

I shoot both digital and film. That means I am a hybrid photographer! I use a digital medium to capture a good chunk of your day (especially in low light situations where it excels). I sometimes photograph parts of the day (when light is kind) on analog film! Yes, you’ll see me load a roll of 35mm film (like grandpa did) and hear it wind. Super fun! I choose special moments through out the day to use film where it will be advantageous and that way I can match my digital work to the film without charging for the extra costs to shoot it. That way you get that film look you love without breaking the bank! If you specifically want me to photograph more parts of the day using film, please just ask! There will be an increase in my rates to adjust for the cost of using film though.

2. How do we book you?

Upon filling out the contact form, I will reach out and set up a time to chat by phone, or keep it on email if that’s your preference to make sure we’re going to be an awesome fit! From there we will discuss your needs for the day and customize your collection guide. Once we determine every thing you will need, we can move forward and sign the contract. Upon signing, a non-refundable retainer ($1500) will be due to reserve your date. The final balance will be due 1 month prior to the date of the event. Then you’re all set!

3. What is your turn around? 

The typical turn around for weddings is 6-8 weeks. I’m super picky when it comes to my edits being cohesive and I want you to have THE BEST!! I go through each image with special care and have to wait on your scans to arrive if you choose to have film. (Lemme explain).. After your wedding I mail out my film to Utah to get developed and scanned/color corrected, THEN they get emailed and from there I can go in and make my own adjustments, and THEENNN I can really dive into editing everything else including what was shot on digital to match!

Turn around for engagements is 2-3 weeks. If I get my scans back sooner I of course send them out when I get them!

4. Do you use a second shooter?

If you want it you got it! I have a few regular seconds that I use so it will most likely be one of them! I can typically handle a wedding with 100 guests but any more I definitely recommend one.

5. Do you travel?

Yep! I go all over the state of Florida and on occasion I make my way out of state! I am very selective with where I do go (I’ve got 6 kiddos to think about lol), but don’t let that deter you if you’re planning something epic! I am local to Central FL in case you’re wondering and don’t charge within a 60 mile radius!

6. Can I have all the photos?

Unfortunately, I do not offer all the photos that will have been taken throughout the day. I provide the best of the best and always give it to you if I have it! If there are any extra I can guarantee it was a blink, change in settings, a repeat image or something I wouldn’t deem flattering (such as an open mouth for eating!). I will include all the funnies though!

7. Can I have the copyright?

I keep the official copyright… But You WILL however obtain printing rights which give you the ability to print at whichever lab you choose. You shouldn’t need the copyright! This does not however give you permission to sell or publish the photos without my written consent. There is an option to purchase the copyrights if desired.  

8. Can you fix this in Photoshop?

The way I edit is very minimal. To give the image it’s true likeness. I work hard to make sure that you love the way you look in my photographs! I do color/exposure corrections and some minor patching up if need be. Any extensive photoshop editing that you request will be $10 per photo.

9. What should I wear for my session?

I love helping my clients find the right outfit for their session! It’s important that you feel confident in what you are wearing so that it shows! I encourage soft, neutral tones with pops of color! I would avoid: neons, plaid, flashy prints, and shiny materials for best results. Feel free to send me photos of your ideas! I can totally help!

10. Are you licensed and insured?

Absolutely. Paige Mercer Photography is a registered Corporation with the state of Florida and insured through State Farm. I want to protect myself and yours in any event of an emergency.

11. How are your payments handled?

I currently use an online portal/service called Honeybook. All payments and contracts are handled through that site for a simple and easy process. It takes me only a few minutes to draw up your customized proposal which includes your contract and send it to your email. I accept digital payments to seamlessly transfer your payments without jumping to different platforms or me having to send reminders. EASY!! 


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