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The best of both worlds. 

So here’s something cool. I shoot what’s called “hybrid”. “What’s that?”, you ask? Well, this simply means I shoot two types of mediums… Film AND digital. Yes like, you can hear it wind like old grandpa’s camera did when he took family portraits back in those sweats combo that you’d never want to be caught dead in.

“Why?”, you may also ask. Well, I fell in love with the look of film. So I started trying to emulate it. Problem was, I never shot it myself so I didn’t truly know how to recreate it! Those soft pastel tones and sometimes rich vivid colors are all based off of the film I shoot. Once I started shooting it, I was able to better match that look and feel. This helps me AND you. Because you love that look (if you like what you see here!) and this allows me to offer it at an affordable price. Because shooting all film is EXPENSIVE. Holy cow. BUT I shoot a couple rolls of it at different points in the day and then match the look of my digital (editing) when I get the film back from the lab. So cool, right?! I love that I can offer the experience of both to my clients while keeping everyone (and their wallets) happy.


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