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  Didn’t think this was something you’d really have to think about was it? Why on earth is this so important? Well.. Here’s why. 😉 1. Weather I think it goes without saying that this (at least for me) would be one of the biggest factors in determining a date for a wedding. Are you […]

Choosing Your Wedding Date

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  You or your boo has said, “Yes!”, now what?! Time to document the awesome news… And what a better way to do it with Engagement photos! Still hesitant on its importance? Well, read below for some great reasons why opting for this particular session make it all worth it. 1. Let’s get to know […]

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Sample 8 hour wedding day timeline optimized for a full day with your wedding photographer.

Sample Wedding Timeline

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When I started in this venture, I began simply documenting the things I loved most. Any and all forms of nature, old and new places, music concerts, friends…

It fueled a fire to the flame.

One day I was shooting my first wedding and that was all it took to hook me for good.. The relationships, the love, the joy, the creativity… It was wonderful. And still is!

I knew this was something I could do and do well, and not just because I knew how to work a camera… But because I knew how to SERVE. How to be a guide through this new process and season of your life.

And I’m so ready to meet and serve you too.


I'm Paige


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