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Don’t Wait to Take the Photos


I’ve been in your shoes. Promise. I’ve told myself over and over… “When my hair gets longer,”… “When I lose the baby weight,”… “When I find the perfect outfit that compliments my body,”…etc.


Truth is, as a mom I know that I’m naturally behind the camera wayyyy more than I ever am in front of it. Allowing myself to get in front of one is terrifying. I don’t love how I look and so I can say with complete confidence I GET IT. And if you’ve ever stepped in front of my camera before I 100% commend you. It takes some confidence (and trust in me) to do so. So first off, thank you! You’re my hero.

Second, I just have to say it if you’re hesitating to update those family portraits, engagement, boudoir…. TAKE THE DANG PHOTOS. There will never be a “good time”. I know. I make those excuses all the time. I finally took some though in the fall with ALL my fam and I’m glad I did. I was bloated (thank you early pregnancy symptoms), didn’t love how xxx looked and xxx showed on camera…etc.


I could honestly go on and on. BUT my kids love looking at that photo. They love being able to point out that it’s “mommy and daddy and Ben and Sissy…etc“. I have it on the screensaver of my phone so that I can grow more comfortable with the way I look because I look how I look! I don’t want my kids to not have photos of me in them when they’re older because I was worried about my arms or cheeks. WHATEVER.

I am with them the most, I care for them the most, I am their EVERYTHING right now. One day I won’t be and I want them to remember it.


I’m putting this out there so you know I’m working on it too. When we welcome our newest addition this April I plan to have a birth photographer. I don’t remember much from the previous births and I know NOW how special those moments are. Now that so many have been lost. I know I’ll look a hot mess and probably be ugly crying but I want to remember everything. I’m going to embrace the messy beauty with all that I’ve got!

So I hope that in some way this can encourage you. Step out of your comfort zone. Don’t wait, because these moments won’t wait for you to get the perfect outfit, goal weight…etc. They’re happening NOW.

P.S.: When you book with me (family, engagement, boudoir…etc.) I will ALWAYS do my best to help with outfits, make the best recommendations based on those outfits/locations and more so you can have less to worry about and thus enjoy your shoot a little more. Please don’t ever hesitate to ask for help. I want to do what I can for you to LOVE your memories. <3


When I started in this venture, I began simply documenting the things I loved most. Any and all forms of nature, old and new places, music concerts, friends…

It fueled a fire to the flame.

One day I was shooting my first wedding and that was all it took to hook me for good.. The relationships, the love, the joy, the creativity… It was wonderful. And still is!

I knew this was something I could do and do well, and not just because I knew how to work a camera… But because I knew how to SERVE. How to be a guide through this new process and season of your life.

And I’m so ready to meet and serve you too.


I'm Paige

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