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Caitlin – Wanderlust Session in the Groves

I met Caitlin a little over a year ago while we both started at the new Ulta in town! When we met we were convinced we knew each other some how… But to this day we still can’t figure out where! (One of these days girl! Haha.)

I asked Caitlin awhile back to model for a wanderlust session. I decided it was the perfect opportunity to shoot some more film. 

After shooting this and receiving the scans from my awesome lab, I plan on incorporating more film into even just my regular sessions! I’ve only been shooting 1 roll at a time, so now I’ll be doing at least 2!

We set off into a orange grove and had so much fun! My confidence with film is growing and I believe that it is showing through my work! It also helps that Caitlin is stunning on her own! I loved the way she was embodied on film. 

Here’s a sneak peek of our little adventure!

Film Processing: The Find Lab

Hair & Makeup: Jadi Kelley Beauty 

Dress: 5.7.9 (Clothes from the 90’s!)


When I started in this venture, I began simply documenting the things I loved most. Any and all forms of nature, old and new places, music concerts, friends…

It fueled a fire to the flame.

One day I was shooting my first wedding and that was all it took to hook me for good.. The relationships, the love, the joy, the creativity… It was wonderful. And still is!

I knew this was something I could do and do well, and not just because I knew how to work a camera… But because I knew how to SERVE. How to be a guide through this new process and season of your life.

And I’m so ready to meet and serve you too.


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