Allie & John - Castlewood Canyon Park


A few weeks back in August, Kara Brown (KB Studios) and I ventured to Colorado! We had a wedding up there and wanted to make the most out of our visit to such a beautiful state. 

Being in Florida we don't... well... have much more for landscape other than flat fields and beaches. Sure they can be pretty but I'm a bit obsessed with mountains and overlooks into canyons. Of course I can bet people from CO other similar states wish they could shoot at beaches!! 

That being said, I went on a search for a model and Allie reached out to us! We were thrilled to meet her and John and have a blast shooting at the Painted Mines... Unfortunately fog/weird weather seemed to follow us for the majority of the trip and upon arrival at the mines, it was deemed un-shootable. It was COLD, foggy and SO windy! In August!! Culture shock for us Floridians.

We had to make a quick change of plans and hope for the best. We stumbled upon Castlewood Canyon and made the most of it! With a bit of hiking we made it and I was quickly reminded of how out of shape I am. #guilty. 

Film Processing: The Find Lab (of course!)