Ashton & Tyler - The First Roll

I wrote about this awhile back but with the new site, here's an updated version!

I bought my 35mm camera almost 2 years ago with the desire to get into film. Of course with the cost of shooting film I was terrified of even trying! It took several months for me to even try a practice roll to see if the camera was even functioning. So I took my girls out to a blueberry farm and shot that first roll on consumer grade film. And to my surprise, it worked! Sadly I made the mistake of getting it developed at Walgreens. They did a horrible job. Never again! 

Several months passed before I would pick up that camera and try again. This time using a prograde film stock. The results you'll find below. 

Film is so unique. It catches and shares light differently than digital. Smooth highlights and rich black points call my name! After this roll, my career in film photography began. Just one roll did it for me. I gained the confidence I needed to step into this world and pursue it. Something I had been desiring for years! The colors, the softness, the timelessness. I fell hard. And I don't think I'll be going back! 

So here it is. In all it's imperfect beauty. The first roll. Shot on a $12 goodwill camera