Love Like This

As I was editing Stephanie & JD's wedding... I kept coming across photograph after photograph of what could be described as the two happiest people in the WORLD. 

My favorites out of them all were in black and white. 

The moments that were caught and captured throughout the day only seemed that much more timeless through a black and white lens. A forever moment, suspended in time... You can feel the emotion behind it. You smile at their smiles. You chuckle with their laughs. 

It's contagious. In the best way possible.

This lead me to collect a small gallery of the day. 100% in black and white. Just to share with you all how inspiring Stephanie & JD are with their affection for each other. Let me tell you, it was ALL DAY! 

I couldn't stop with editing, and knew someone out there could gaze at these and see the hope in a future with someone who loves THEM like that.

Someone who is eagerly awaiting your arrival at the end of the aisle holding back tears, who wants to run and celebrate when you say "I do". Someone who continually takes you by the hand and at any given moment snatches you away for a kiss, a dip, a laugh... Just so they can see you smile. Someone who stares at you with those knowing eyes... The kind that show how completely and utterly in love they are with you without ever having so much as to whisper a word. And pulls you from the midst of a crowd just to catch your attention.

These two stirred me to have a love like that. They encouraged me to keep on seeking and capturing those moments with my future couples. And seeking out people that want a love like that. 

My hope is that they do that for you as well. Give you something to look forward to, and also to motivate you not to settle for less! Because you deserve it. 

You deserve a love like this. 

Venue: The Venue at Twin Oaks

Dress: Maggie Sottero

Flowers: Bloom Floral Boutique

Cake: The Craft Cakery