Choosing Your Wedding Date


Didn’t think this was something you’d really have to think about was it? Why on earth is this so important? Well.. Here’s why. ;)


1. Weather

I think it goes without saying that this (at least for me) would be one of the biggest factors in determining a date for a wedding. Are you a fan of it warm? Prefer the cold? That’ll dictate the time of year to aim for. A winter wedding in Florida gives better opportunity for nice weather verses the summer for obvious reason. And this ties into point 2.

2. Location

Are you staying locally in Florida? Or are you getting married out of state in the Colorado Mountains? Well, time of year and location tie together! If you’re dreaming of a snowy wedding then Feb-Apr in Colorado will be your best bet! Want alllll the greenery and gorgeous blue skies? Aim for June-Sept in CO! In Florida however the best times are usually early spring and late fall for the best even temperatures wedding. AKA: March & April or October & November. It’s different in each region of the US!

Rose & Remington chose a September date in Indiana and it was gorgeous weather!

Rose & Remington chose a September date in Indiana and it was gorgeous weather!

3. Meaningful Dates

If you’re the sentimental type, choosing a date that is meaningful is something to consider! Some examples are: Grandparents or Parents anniversary, your own dating anniversary, the day you met…etc! That’s one way to tie in family legacies or have a deeper meaning to the day.

4. Budget

Some vendors (myself included) have different pricing ranges based on the the time of year or day of the week. Typically a weekday wedding is going to be far more cost effective than a weekend. Why? Because weekends are high demand! If budget is a big factor, consider a weekday wedding to cut costs or splurge in other areas (honeymoon, photography, or a down payment on a home). ;)


There can be many other things that may help you narrow down on some dates. I’ve found these 4 to be some of the biggest factors for my couples choosing their own date! Feel free to comment on how you chose yours!

- Paige