How’s this girl different?

Well, lemme first just say I’m not your average film photographer. I make sure we get down on the dance floor together, have a good laugh AND that your pictures reflect that. I respect the pretty (and of course photograph it) but also make sure you guys can feel ALL the emotions when you click “open” on your gallery.

I started out photographing bands/musicians and shot my first wedding 4+ years ago. That first one was all it took to hook me for good. 

Going on 5 years later this little discovery has blown up (in a good way!), taken me to several states across the country, allowed me to try amazing foods/coffee, and the BEST part... I've been able to meet the most incredible people. 

And I'm SO ready to meet and serve you too. You down?!

- Paige


Get the deets on me:

- I'm a wife and mama to 4 littles (who at times are VERY lucky they're cute... The hubs included). ;)


- I'm considered a Hybrid photographer. I shoot on two mediums: Film and Digital. I believe they each have their strong suits so I use whichever calls for it!

- I'm a "little" nerdy... Love me some LOTR, Harry Potter, and Disney. Currently on a Lord of the Rings kick because Gimli makes me chuckle.  

- I'm what you'd probably call a little "hipster-ish". I thoroughly enjoy thrifting/flea market trips, anything outdoors = heaven (Yo, let's go on an adventure ASAP), and really awesome coffee from hole-in-the-wall joints. Lavender lattes are the bees knees. But I'm not so snooty I won't drink dunkin! ;)

- I actually went to school for music business (even graduated with my bachelors) and chose this life instead! Cuz you guys are SO worth it.... NO RAGRETS.

- Memes/gifs give me life. SEND ME ALL THE GIFS! So don't be surprised when I send them to.

I promise… I’m a HOOT!

Elsi - The Artsy Princess

Elsi - The Artsy Princess


Emmi - The Feisty Snuggler


Benj - The Hungry Hugger


Evelyn - The Sassy Snacker

Why should we book you?

Aside from the fact I can make anyone feel comfortable around me, I freaking care. This past year alone I've been blessed with AMAZING clients. Some of which I consider friends. I want to be yours too! I fix hair, fluff the dress, straighten those ties, pin ALL the boutonnieres if I have to, and so much more. I have straight up ugly cried at some of my past weddings. I look for those little in-between moments otherwise gone unnoticed and strive to capture them, because those are the ones that will make you go, “HOLY SHIT she got that?!” and the answer is yes boo, YES. You mean so much to me from the start and I want you to have an AWESOME experience and photos to share. (True story: I've been the hair and makeup artist for one of my brides!) That's how much this job means to me and I make sure you know it!